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MDL, Inc. is CLIA-certified and COLA-accredited. We have meet or exceeded high precision, accuracy, and validity standards to obtain both state and federal certifications. We maintain our high standards and superior quality by participating in regular inspections as well as independent third-party performance verifications. MDL, Inc. meets the FDA’s performance criteria for COVID-19 test accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity. We use best laboratory practices (GLP) for COVID-19 home collection, shipping and transport, and testing. The laboratory tests we use meet the highest standards of quality, safety, reliability and accuracy. You can trust our services.

Why MDL, Inc.?

  • High Standards and Superior Quality

  • CLIA Certified​ Laboratory

  • COLA Accredited Laboratory

  • Federal and State Certifications

  • Board-Certified Laboratory Professionals

  • State of the Art Laboratory Information System

  • State of the Art Equipment and Instrumentation

  • High Throughput Analyzers

  • FDA and EUA Approved Assays

  • PCR and Antigen Testing (Antibody Testing Coming Soon)

  • QR Codes for International Travel

  • Rapid Testing Available

  • 24-72 Hour Turnaround Time

  • Official Lab Report Provided

Who Should Get Tested?

  •  Individuals (18+) who may have been exposed to COVID-19 through:

    •  Living or working in a place where people reside, meet or gather in close proximity (office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, etc.)

    •  Close contact (within 6 ft) with someone who is sick or diagnosed with COVID-19

  •  Individuals (18+) who are experiencing mild symptoms including:

    •  A fever between 100.4 degrees F and 102 degrees F

    •  Flu-like symptoms (chills, runny or stuffy nose, whole body aches, a headache, and/or feeling tired)

    •  A new loss of taste or smell

    •  A new or worsening cough or sore throat

    •  Shortness of breath that is not limiting ability to speak

Individual COVID Testing

Let's get back to work and socialize in confidence. MDL, Inc. provides accurate and rapid results. Find out whether you are infected with SARS-CoV-2. You can collect your sample and send it to us for processing and testing, and receive certified, secure digital results. Our kits offer simple sample collection, free shipping, and rapid results. Health plans, employers, city and state governments, clinics, nursing homes, event planners and other organizations can request bulk orders of collection kits to meet their patient's needs.  We're here to serve our community!

Doctor's Desk

The MDL Team of board certified laboratory professionals have over 16 years of experience in laboratory testing and laboratory management; for a comprehensive approach to laboratory diagnostics. Focusing primarily on Covid-19 testing, our CLIA accredited laboratory is committed to rapid turn around times, superior quality and overall excellence in laboratory diagnostics. We're here to serve you and your patients.

Research Facilities

MDL, Inc. understands the importance of clinical research and how it is used to inform the medical and scientific community, engage patients in their healthcare journey, and further all of our understanding of modern medicine. To support this, we proudly offer the highest standards and quality, rapid turn around times, high throughput instrumentation, state of the art LIS and competitive pricing.  We incorporate clinical and data science best practices to help you determine how our community utilizes your research to improve their health and wellness, and day-to-day lives. Let us support you in your efforts to discover the best care.

Note: $50.00 fee applied to returned payments.
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