Medicare/Medicaid only at this time.

Moore Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (MDL, Inc.) will generate and submit a claim to your primary and secondary insurance carrier, Medicare and/or Medicade if your test is ordered by a licensed Health Care Professional. To ensure timely and accurate insurance filing it is important that MDL, Inc. receives and verifies ALL your information which includes your full legal name, address, telephone number, valid insurance information and valid picture identification before your collection kit can be shipped. You can also securely purchase your collection kit with a debit or credit card through our secure website.


The following information is required for single or dual insurance coverage.

  • Health Plan Name

  • Health plan address and telephone number or copy of insurance card (front & back).

  • Subscriber/Membership name

  • Subscriber/Membership ID number


Participating Health Insurance Plans 


Medicare/Medicaid only at this time.


Disclaimer: If your health plan is not listed please contact your insurance carrier to verify participation and coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans are health plan options that are approved by Medicare and administered by private companies; this is accepted by MDL, Inc..

Patient Financial Responsibility

 Please refer to your plan benefit or contact your insurance carrier on the following:

  • Lab test(s) ordered by a Naturopathic physician may not be covered by your plan

  • Some lab test(s) require a referral and/or pre-authorization.

  • Lab test(s) deemed experimental and /or investigational by your insurance is the responsibility of the patient.

  • Patient is responsible for Co-Payment and deductible.


MDL Payment Policy

  • Payment is due upon receipt of the billing statement. Deductibles, co-payments and non-covered/investigational testing are the responsibility of the patient and are due at the time of collection or prior to a collection kit being shipped.

  • We are happy to work with you if you are experiencing difficulty paying your bill.

  • Note: $50.00 fee applied to returned payments.


How to Make a Payment

MDL, Inc. accepts payment made by personal check, money order or credit cards. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Debit cards with the VISA and MasterCard logo are also accepted. Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • Online: You may pay by credit or debit card online through our secured website Here.

  • Mail: Use the return envelope provided with your billing statement to make a payment by check, money order or credit card. DO NOT send cash by mail.

  • Phone: Credit/debit card payment can be made by calling one of our Customer Support Representatives at (678) 540-6620.

If you are interested in ordering a collection kit with credit or debit click button below!